I have a friend who does not have a clothes dryer in her house. So she hangs her clothes outside on a clothesline to dry. She says she loves the fresh smell of clothes that have dried in the sun.

One wash day, it was cloudy and gloomy outside. My friend watched the weatherman on TV. He predicted that it would be a sunny day. So my friend ignored the gray clouds and hung her clothes outside. The weatherman’s prediction was correct, and the clothes dried in the sun.

A weatherman’s predictions don’t always come true, but we can trust all of God’s promises to come true. God changed Abram and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah. Then God promised them they would have a son, even though they were very old. Genesis 18:12 tells us how Sarah reacted to God’s promise. “So she laughed to herself and said, ‘I am old, and my husband is old. I am too old to have a baby.’” Sarah did not believe that God would give her and Abraham a son. But God kept His promise and soon their son, Isaac, was born.

Study the Bible and learn about God’s promises to you. Remember that God loves you and always keeps His promises. You can trust God to do what He says.