“Cross my heart and hope to die.” These are words that children often say when they make a promise. By saying these words, children mean that they will keep their promise or die. It is important to keep the promises that we make. If we promise to do something, we should do it. But sometimes we do not keep our promises.
The good news is that God always keeps His promises. Our Bible Reading today tells us about the Israelites. They moved into the land that God gave to them. Verse 45 says, “The Lord kept every promise that he made to the people of Israel. There were no promises that he failed to keep. Every promise came true.” God promised the Israelites that He would give them a new land, and He kept His promise.
The Bible is filled with God’s promises. One promise that has not happened yet for Christians is heaven. God has promised that people who accept Jesus as their Savior will live forever with Him in heaven. That is a wonderful promise! Praise God today because He keeps His promises.