Prophecies (5)

For the past few devotions, we have read about Christmas prophecies. Each one of them was fulfilled.
There are no prophecies that give details about the birth of other religious leaders. No prophecies told the world about the coming of Muhammed (Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormonism) or Siddhartha Bautama (Buddhism) or any other person who founded a religion. But the Old Testament gives us details about Jesus hundreds of years before He came to earth.
These Old Testament prophecies taught us that a virgin would give birth to God’s Son, Jesus would be born in Bethlehem and live in Egypt, and that mothers would mourn for their sons. Because these prophecies are true, we can believe in God and trust what He says He will do. We learn from our Bible verses today that Jesus will return someday. Be thankful for the one true God and be ready for His Son to come again.