One day, my youngest son and I worked on a project at home. Suddenly, there was a loud crash of thunder. When we looked out the front door, we could see rain falling, lightning striking and trees swirling in the wind. I turned on the radio. The news announcer said that people had seen a tornado touch down close to the high school building.
Then I remembered that my oldest son was at an after-school meeting at the high school. There was no way I could drive out in the storm. The only thing I could do was ask God to protect my son. Soon the announcer said that the storm was not as strong. I knew that I should take the opportunity and go to the high school to pick up my son. But I had to leave my other son at home alone. So again I prayed to God. I prayed that God would protect me and my sons.
God took care of me and my sons as I drove to the high school and back home. God will protect you, too. Ask Him to be with you in every situation in your life.