When a soldier is in a war zone, he does not want to be exposed and open to attack. So a soldier will find a place that is protected such as a fort or an armored vehicle.
Every day we face things that can hurt us. People may become angry with us. Or we may be in situations where the devil will tempt us to sin. Where can we find protection when we face these things?
Our Bible verses today tell us about a person who was being attacked by other people. This person was also tempted to sin. But in verse 23, he talked about his protection. “I have everything I need! I am with you always. God, you hold my hand.” God was his protection, and God will be our protection, too.
Other verses in Psalms talk about God’s protection. Psalm 91:4b says, “God will be like a shield and a wall protecting you.” And Psalm 125:2b tells us, “He [God] will protect his people forever and ever.”
You can feel safe today. God will be your protection.