Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God guides us and protects us. I believe that sometimes God protects us in amazing ways. Let me tell you why I believe that.
One morning I was eating breakfast with my parents. The dog was sleeping peacefully on the floor. Everything seemed normal. Suddenly, I heard a popping sound. I looked up at the ceiling. Then I heard a sound like ice cracking. I believe that God let me know that the ceiling was about to cave in. I yelled for my parents to get out of the room. As I was leaving the room, I pulled the dog out with me. My parents thought I was crazy!
Just as we got out of the room, the entire ceiling caved in. There was nothing left but the rafters! The ceiling fan fell onto the chair where I had been sitting. The fan cut the chair in half! If we had stayed in the room, we would have been seriously hurt or killed.
God was truly protecting us that day. I praise God every day for taking care of me!