Proverbs (10)

I remember a time when I was in middle school. I was watching a political speech on TV. Presidential candidate, George H. W. Bush said, “Read my lips: no new taxes!” He didn’t mean that all of us should become good lip-readers. He meant that he wanted us to trust him completely and believe that his words were good.
Proverbs, chapter 10, teaches us many things about what we should say/sign. Here are a few of those sayings. “People say good things about those who live right” (verse 6a). “If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow” (verse 10a). “The words of good people are like a spring of fresh water” (verse 11a).
As you think about these verses, ask yourself these questions. How can I use my words/signs in good ways today? What bad things does God want me to avoid in my conversations with others?
It does not matter if you use your voice or your hands to communicate. God wants all of us to be wise in what we say/sign.