Proverbs (11)

In our Bible verses today, Solomon compares good people and bad people. Good people choose to follow God’s commands. Bad people choose to disobey God.
Solomon mentions several things that happen to good people who obey God. First, God is happy with what they do (verse 1). Second, living right will save them from death (verse 4b). Third, good people will escape from trouble (verse 8a). And last, when good people are successful, the whole city is happy (verse 10a).
You have probably noticed that good things happen to both good people and bad people. Sometimes we see a wicked person who lives a good long life without any problems. That person may not have problems now, but God has promised to punish evil people when Jesus returns someday.
We may face good times and bad times. But we can have peace knowing that God will take care of us and reward us for our faithfulness.