Proverbs (12)

Every day we see people who are doing good things and people who are doing bad things. Sometimes it seems like people are doing more bad things than good things.
We may even think that the world is worse than it used to be. But ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed God, the world has been filled with people who chose to do bad things. The writer of Ecclesiastes 1:9a said, “All things continue the way they have been since the beginning. The same things will be done that have always been done.”
You have a choice today — to do good things or to do bad things. Sometimes it is easier to do bad things, but we will be happier if we choose to obey God. Our Bible verses today encourage us to make good choices and do good things: “Be wise and your words will heal” (verse 18), “Those who plan for peace bring happiness” (verse 20), “Those who work hard will be put in charge of others” (verse 24), and “A kind word makes you happy” (verse 25).
Ask God to help you be wise and make good choices today!