Proverbs (13)

I had many teachers in school. Some of my teachers were very good and some were not so good. Maybe you have had the same experience.
I had a history teacher who had many good things to teach my class. But some students in the class did not behave very well. The teacher had to stop many times and correct their behavior. The other students and I did not like these times of discipline. But finally the students started to pay attention, and we all learned a lot that year. I can still remember some of those important lessons today.
The verses in our Bible Reading today remind us that we need to pay attention when we receive discipline and correction. Verse 18 says, “If you refuse to learn from your mistakes, you will be poor, and no one will respect you. If you listen when you are criticized, you will be honored.”
If we pay attention when we are disciplined, God will reward us with a better life.