Proverbs (3)

Many people think it is good for a person to be independent and proud of the things they have done. But if I focus on being independent and think about all my accomplishments, I may not depend on God. If I pay attention to people praising me, I might not care if God is pleased with me.
Our Bible Reading today shows us that when we depend on God’s strength and wisdom, “God will be pleased and think well of you and so will everyone else” (verse 4). The next few verses tell us how we can depend on God — trust the Lord completely (verse 5), think about what He wants (verse 6), fear and respect the Lord (verse 7) and stay away from evil (verse 7).
Don’t think that you are smarter and better than God. God wants you to depend on Him and live in peace with other people. When you do that, God will bless you and help you be happy.