Proverbs (5)

A little boy has a whole bag of candy. His mother puts the bag away and only lets him have one or two pieces a day. Why? She knows that if he eats too much candy, he will become sick. But the boy is foolish. He finds the bag and eats all of the candy!
In our Bible verses today, Solomon talks about adultery. If God has blessed a person with a husband or wife, they should be satisfied and thankful. They should not try to find happiness in other relationships. Adultery is on “a path leading to death…Be careful. Stay on the road that leads to life” (verses 5b-6).
When the little boy disobeyed and ate too much candy, he became sick. In the same way, a person who becomes involved in adultery will face bad consequences. “At the end of your life, you will be sad that you ruined your health and lost everything you had” (verse 11).
Ask God to help you be thankful and content in your relationships today.