Proverbs (8)

1478674800When I was a child, I held the map as my dad drove my family to our vacation destination. I would tell him to turn right or left to find the lake or our campsite. Dad trusted me to direct him to the best place for our vacation.
Just as I had a map that gave us directions to our campsite, God has a plan for each of us. We need to trust God to lead us according to His plan. Our Bible verses today give us advice on how we can follow God’s plan. These verses talk about our relationship with Him and about our relationship with other people.
Proverbs 16:9 says, “People can plan what they want to do, but it is the Lord who guides their steps.” It is important for us to make decisions about our families and our jobs. But it is more important that we trust God to lead us according to His plan.
Think about your life today. Are you depending on your own knowledge? Or are you depending on God to lead and protect you?