Proverbs (9)

1478761200When I was young, my family and I traveled a lot by bus. We had to walk from our house to the bus stop to get on the bus.
As we went to the bus stop, we walked beside a creek. Sometimes my parents would stop and let me play in the creek. I would find bits of grass, paper and sticks and float them in the water. Often these bits would get caught on a stone and create a little dam. Then the water had to find a different way to continue flowing downstream.
Our Bible Reading today says, “The Lord guides our steps, and we never know where he will lead us.” Sometimes the water flowing in the creek near my house had to turn and follow a different path. In the same way, God leads us to do different things in life. When we become old, we may look back on our lives and be amazed at how God has led us and blessed us.
Live how God wants you to live today. He will bless you and guide you to serve in His kingdom.