Psalm 100

Many people say that Psalm 100 is their favorite psalm. Why? Because this psalm is happy and encouraging. The writer wants us to worship God and show that we are happy to serve Him.
Verse 1 says, “Earth, sing to the Lord!” This verse shows me that God created all the earth. All people should thank and worship God. But many people around the world worship false gods. These people bow down to wooden or golden idols. But only the one true God is worthy of our praise and love.
God would be very happy if all the people in the world worshiped Him. It is our job to share the news about God and salvation with people of all nations. Then they will join us in praising and worshiping God.
It is important for us to meet with other Christians and give thanks to God. Take some time today to stop and think about God’s blessings to you. Then thank Him for His gift of salvation and promise of eternal life.