Psalm 119 (1)

Today we will begin a series of devotions based on Psalm 119. This chapter has more verses than any other chapter in the Bible. If you look at this chapter in a printed Bible, you will see that it is divided into 22 sections. Each section begins with a different letter from the Hebrew alphabet.
Verses 1-2 of our Bible Reading say, “People living pure lives are happy. Those people follow the Lord’s teachings. People who obey the Lord’s Agreement are happy. They obey the Lord will all their heart.” God blesses us when we obey Him. And following God makes us happy.
The Bible says that all people have sinned and disobeyed God. But verse 7 tells us that God is fair and good. He has given us a way to have our sins forgiven through His Son, Jesus.
Do you want to be happy? Then follow God’s plan for your life. Love and obey Him today.