Psalm 119 (10)

Most people who have pets love their pets and protect them. These people are sad if their animal wanders away from home. They look for their pet and call out their name. If the animal does not return, they ask people if they have seen their pet. Sometimes pet owners advertise in the newspaper and offer a reward if the animal is found.

Sometimes we may feel that we are lost from God. In many of the psalms, God is compared to a shepherd who lovingly takes care of His sheep. The writer of Psalm 119 talks about that in verse 176. “I have wandered away like a lost sheep. Come and find me. I am your servant, and I have not forgotten your commands.”

Maybe the writer of this psalm became involved in some sin and wandered away from God. Then the writer realized that he needed to be close to God again. So he called out to God and asked God to find him.

In Luke, chapter 15, we learn that God is like the shepherd who will continue to search until He finds a sheep that has wandered away. God wants you to be close to Him. Ask Him to love and protect you today.