Psalm 119 (11)

1479020400My son was struggling in school and was bullied by some of his classmates. So finally my husband and I made the decision to homeschool my son.
We homeschooled our son for several years until we felt that the school system was ready to help him learn and grow. During those years, we received much criticism from friends and family members about our choice to homeschool. My husband and I felt like the writer of Psalm 119:86. “All your commands can be trusted. Those people are wrong to persecute me. Help me!”
My husband and I prayed about our decision to homeschool and asked God to help us. When people criticized us, we remembered that we were doing what we thought was right. God took care of us and blessed our son.
Ask God to give you wisdom today as you make difficult decisions. Then depend on Him to help you and take care of you.