Psalm 119 (12)

1479279600When I was a teenager, some people teased me and tried to take advantage of me. I had some friends who were also teased by others. I liked to go to a movie or sit in the park with these friends. Sometimes we would just get together and pray. We asked God to help us stand strong against the people who mistreated us.
One day I decided that I would not accept the teasing any more. I committed myself to reading my Bible and praying every morning before I went to school. Often I would just pick a place to read in my Bible. No matter where I read, God’s words encouraged me and gave me strength to stand strong. Verse 95 of our Bible Reading is a verse that encouraged me. “The wicked tried to destroy me, but your rules made me wise.”
God’s Word, the Bible, will help you face difficult times in your life. Read God’s words of encouragement and hope today!