Psalm 119 (14)

1480230000Verse 108a of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, accept the praise I want to give you.” This section of Psalm 119 lists many reasons for praising God.
Several years ago my husband died. It was a hard struggle for me to raise my sons. I suffered emotionally, and I also had many physical problems. Every day I would pray and ask God to help me with my problems. Then one day as I was praying, I stopped. I realized that I needed to praise God, too.
I had been so busy thinking about my problems that I had forgotten about the many things I could praise God for — my sons, Christians who encouraged me, people who prayed for me and most of all, God who took care of me every day!
As I started to spend more time praising God, I realized that my problems and pain were not as bad as before. Praising God encouraged and strengthened me!
Take time to praise God today!