Psalm 119 (15)

1480402800In verse 114a of Psalm 119, the writer says to God, “Hide me and protect me.” When I am surrounded by problems in my life, I want God to hide and protect me, too.
I have found a way so that I can feel like God is hiding me and protecting me. I have a corner of my living room set up just for my Bible study and prayer time. When I sit there, I read my Bible or books written by Christian authors. Or I spend time praying and praising God.
This time in my special corner helps me prepare for my day. It gives me peace so I can go out in the world and face conflicts and problems. I look forward to this time every day when I can be quiet and renew my spirit.
Maybe you can have a special place where you can be alone with God. Ask Him to hide you and protect you and fill you with His Word.