Psalm 119 (16)

1480579200My husband died as a result of fighting a fire. After his death, he was recognized as a Fallen Firefighter and honored at a special memorial service. I drove across the country to attend this memorial service.
As I was driving, I had a lot of time to look at God’s creation. It was fall time and the leaves were turning. I thought that my husband would have loved to see this beauty. Then I thought about my sons, and I realized that for the first time, I was the head of our family. I would have to raise my sons alone. But I knew that I could not do this without God’s help. I would need God’s wisdom if I was going to be successful in raising my sons.
The verses in our Bible Reading remind me of that time in my life. I was like the writer of these verses. I asked God to be good to me, to show me His love and to give me wisdom.
No matter what you are facing today, you can depend on God to be with you!