Psalm 119 (17)

1480752000Psalm 119 is a long discussion between the writer and God. These verses teach us how we can learn from God’s Word. In verses 129-136, we can find some guidelines to help us make God’s Word most important in our lives.
Verse 129 says, “Lord, your rules are wonderful. That is why I follow them.” If we want to truly follow God, we must know that His rules are the best rules. Verse 130 tells us, “As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise.” We can read through the Bible many times, but we need to take God’s words and apply them to our daily lives.
In verse 133 the writer says to God, “Guide me, as you promised. Don’t let evil rule over me.” When we study the Bible and obey it, we will be ready to resist the devil and the bad things he wants us to do. Depending on God’s Word will keep us close to God.
Are you studying and obeying God’s Word today?