Psalm 119 (18)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Recently I shared with you about my husband’s death as a firefighter. My birthday was six weeks after he died. What I did not know was that my son had told many people about my birthday. He asked these people to send me birthday cards.

Every day for about two weeks, I received birthday cards in the mail. When my son came home each evening, he asked me how many cards I had received that day. When I told him how many, he smiled. It was such a joy to see my son smiling again! That was the best birthday present I could ever have received.

The joy that I felt is the same kind of joy that God wants us to feel when we read His Word. Verse 143 of our Bible Reading says, “Even though I have troubles and hard times, your commands give me joy.”

God’s Word gives us comfort, peace and guidance. If we study the Bible and keep it in our hearts and minds, we will have great joy!