Psalm 119 (19)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Verse 147 of our Bible Reading says, “I get up early in the morning to pray to you.” When my sons were young, I tried to have a time of prayer and Bible reading early every morning. Often it was a struggle to get my sons ready for school. So finally I decided to set my alarm every morning and get up to pray. During my prayer time, I prayed for my sons and their day at school.

One morning I had my prayer time and sent my sons off to school. It was winter and the old furnace was on in the school. Something went wrong with the furnace, and smoke started pouring into the hallways of the school. The children were all safely evacuated from the building. Later I learned that the situation could have been much worse. I believe that God answered my prayer and kept my sons safe.

After that experience, I truly believed that my morning prayer time was very important. Have you talked to God today?