Psalm 119 (2)

Yesterday we learned about obeying God. Psalm 119 also gives advice for young people. The writer tells us that a young person can live a pure life by following God’s instructions.

Christian parents have the responsibility to teach their children about God and His Word. This begins at home and continues with times of learning, worship and fellowship with other Christians.

Why do young people need to follow God’s instructions? Psalm 119:11 gives us the answer to that question. “I study your teachings very carefully. Why? So I will not sin against you.” If I want to pass a spelling test in school, I need to study. In the same way, if I want to learn how to avoid sin, I need to study God’s Word.

God wants people of all ages to study His Word and learn how to serve Him. Psalm 119 reminds us that we should enjoy reading the Bible. When we know about God and His plan for our lives, we will be happy.

Take time to study the Bible today. Then remember what you learned and apply it to your life.