Psalm 119 (20)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918During the 1980s I applied for a job at a wedding dress shop. I interviewed with the manager of one of the stores, and I was hired. I did not meet the man who owned all of the stores.

Soon after I was hired, the owner started calling me. He did not ask me questions about my job. Instead, he asked me questions about my Christian faith. These phone calls started to bother me. Finally another employee told me that the owner was not a Christian. He had noticed on my resume that I attended a Christian college and wanted to hire me so he could test my Christian faith.

In our Bible verses today, the writer talks about suffering and says to God, “Argue my case, and set me free” (verse 154a). That is how I felt in my job. Every time I was challenged, God was with me and gave me strength.

Maybe a coworker or friend will challenge your faith today. Ask God to give you strength and help you stand strong.