Psalm 119 (3)

This section of Psalm 119 talks about studying God’s Word. Verse 18 is a prayer that we can pray every time we study the Bible. “Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.”
If we want to understand God’s teachings, we should read the Bible every day. The writer of these verses shares his feelings about studying God’s Word. “I need to know your commands” (verse 19b). “I continue to study your laws” (verse 23b). “Your rules make me happy. They give me good advice” (verse 24). God’s teachings show us how to follow Him and how to live with other people. We should be excited to read the Bible (verse 20) and to serve God by obeying it (verse 23).
Are you excited to learn from God’s Word? Are you willing to study and obey God’s teachings? Think about these things as you read the Bible today.