Psalm 119 (3)

Sometimes when I am driving, the sun shines very brightly on my face. I want to close my eyes. But if I close my eyes, I might cause an accident. I need to keep my eyes open wide so I can see where I am going. If I have a clear view, I can avoid an accident and stay safe.
The Bible keeps me on the right path in life and tells me what God wants me to do. In verse 18 of our Bible Reading, the writer says, “Lord, open my eyes. Let me look into your teachings and read about the wonderful things you did.” That is a beautiful prayer! God has many wonderful messages for us in His Word. We need to read these messages and understand God’s plan for our lives.
The verses in our Bible Reading remind me that it is very important to study God’s Word. I know God blesses me when I do that. Ask God to open your eyes today so you can understand more about His wonderful love.