Psalm 119 (4)

I found my Bible and opened it to our verses for today. I cried as I read verse 28, “I am sad and tired. Say the word, and make me strong again.”
Why was I crying? The day before I had taken our dog, Goldie, to the vet. She could not walk, so I wanted the vet to find out what was wrong. The vet called me that morning to tell me that Goldie had died during the night. My two sons and I were so sad!
Some people think that pets are not important, but Goldie was a special part of our family. She would always stay near my sons’ beds when they were sick. As I did my daily housework, Goldie would follow me everywhere. When I sat down, she would lie at my feet.
Maybe you are sad today. Maybe you have lost a pet, or a friend or relative has died. Or maybe you have financial problems or have lost your job. The only true place you can find comfort and peace is through God’s Word. Open your Bible and read God’s words. He will give you the strength you need to go on.