Psalm 119 (5)

1475823600-2There was a time when my life was very hectic. Often I was so busy that I only prayed short prayers, and I didn’t read my Bible very much.
One winter day I was driving down a street. A car came speeding onto the street in front of me. I was able to avoid hitting the car, but my car spun around several times before I could stop. I believe that God prevented me from being involved in a serious accident.
This experience made me stop and think about my life. I realized I was not doing what God wanted me to do. I was not following the example in our Bible verses today. I was not trying to understand God’s teachings (verse 34), following His commands (verse 35) and obeying His instructions (verse 40). Instead I was looking at “worthless things” (verse 37).
Right away I started reading my Bible more and spending time in prayer. Then I was ready to depend on God to help me get through each day. Be sure that you take time to strengthen your relationship with God today!