Psalm 119 (5)

Children do not always do what their parents tell them to do. Sometimes they make wrong choices and disobey their parents’ rules. Children are sad when they are punished. Often they do not understand that their parents are doing what is best for them.

Psalm 119:65-67 teaches us that God always does things that are best for us. “Lord, you did good things for me, your servant. You did exactly what you promised to do. Give me the knowledge to make wise decisions. I trust your commands. Before I suffered, I did many wrong things. But now, I carefully obey everything you say.”

God is my Father. Just as parents know what is best for their children, God always knows what is best for me. Sometimes He knows that I have a problem and need to be disciplined. His discipline may hurt me, but I can know that God is doing what is right for me.

God may teach you something new today from His Word. He may also discipline you. But remember that He is good and He does good things for you. Accept God’s discipline and continue to love and serve Him.