Psalm 119 (6)

1476082800One summer my oldest son was at military boot camp. My younger son was ready to start high school.
On a Saturday that summer, I looked out the window and saw my younger son walk very slowly to the house. He had been bike riding and had an accident. I drove him to the emergency room, and we found out that he had three breaks in his elbow. Then a couple of days later, my older son called to tell me that he was in the military hospital. He had fainted and his blood pressure was very low.
I prayed for my sons like the writer of our verses prayed — “Lord, show me your faithful love” (verse 41). And God did take care of them. A military chaplain helped my older son through his hospital stay. And some friends helped entertain my younger son while his arm was healing.
Turn to God and He will show you His faithful love!