Psalm 119 (6)

When my children were young, we put together jigsaw puzzles. We would work for hours on one puzzle. But sometimes, one of us would bump the table and the puzzle would fall apart. Jigsaw puzzles are fragile — they can fall apart easily.
God made the entire universe. It is not fragile like a jigsaw puzzle. Verse 90b of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, you made the earth, and it still stands.” Things happen over and over in the universe, but often we take these things for granted. Every day the sun rises and sets. Tides go up and down. Rivers flow and the mountains stand tall. God is in control of the universe, and it keeps on working.
The universe stands strong. It is not fragile. But sometimes my life is fragile. I get sick or depressed. People make fun of me. I face financial troubles. Then I need to depend on God. Why? Because I know that He is in control of everything.
Depend on God today!