Psalm 119 (7)

When I was in school, my grades were average. I was never one of the best students. But when I studied very hard and got 100% on a test, my teacher would mark it with an A+. Then I felt very proud. I went home and showed my good grade to Mom and Dad.
It is good to study from books and pay attention to our teachers. But it is even more important to read God’s Word and obey it. Verses 99-100 of our Bible Reading tell us why. “I am wiser than all my teachers because I study your Agreement. I understand more than the older leaders because I keep your commands.”
True understanding and wisdom come from studying God’s Word. People of all ages can have this understanding and wisdom if they read and study the Bible. God wants us to enjoy learning from the His Word. Verse 103 tells us, “Your words are sweeter than honey in my mouth.”
Learn from God’s Word, and He will bless you with understanding and wisdom.