Psalm 119 (8)

1477292400Verse 62a of our Bible Reading reminds me of an experience I had a long time ago. This verse says, “In the middle of the night, I get up to thank you.”
When my son was a baby, I thought he had a cold. During the night he became very sick. I called our doctor, and he told me to take my son to the hospital right away. I drove my son to the hospital and watched as doctors and nurses took care of him. I felt helpless. All I could do was stand out of the way and pray.
Finally I was allowed to take my son home. The doctor had given me special instructions on how to take care of my son. I slept beside my son for several nights. I was very tired and kept trying not to cry.
Slowly my son improved. One night I woke up and noticed that my son looked a lot better. I got up and prayed and thanked God for helping my son through this sickness.
When you face bad times in your life, ask God to help and comfort you. And don’t forget to thank Him for answering your prayer.