Psalm 119 (9)

1477551600When I was in college, I took a math class. Sometimes when I tried to solve a math problem, I felt like my head would explode. I thought that those math problems were the worst things I would ever experience.
But during the past few years, I have experienced many bad things. Since my husband died, I have had the responsibility of taking care of my sons and dealing with my own health problems. I have to make important decisions all the time.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn how we should handle important decisions. The first thing we should do is ask God for His help and wisdom — “Give me the knowledge to make wise decisions” (verse 66a). Then we need to make sure we are obeying God’s Word — “But now I carefully obey everything you say” (verse 67b). Finally, we need to ask God to guide us — “Teach me your laws” (verse 68b).
Do you have important decisions to make today? Talk to God about these decisions and ask Him to give you wisdom and strength.