Psalm 119 (9)

For thousands of years, people have searched for gold. They have climbed dangerous mountains to look for gold. They have mined in deep tunnels under the ground. And they have waded in streams, hoping to find some gold.

Many people today love to have things that are made of gold — rings, watches, coins or dinnerware. But Psalm 119:127 tells us about something that is even more precious than gold. “I love your commands more than gold, more than the purest gold.” God’s teachings in the Bible should be the most valuable things that we have. We should treasure the Bible like some people treasure their gold and jewels.

Gold and other possessions can be lost or stolen. But when we take God’s Word into our heart, no one can take that away from us. We will always have God’s message in us to help us stay away from sin.

God’s Word is not like other books or teachings in the world today. Many of the world’s teachings are false. But the Bible is always true, and we can depend on it to lead us every day. Be sure that reading the Bible is the most important thing you do today!