Psalm 23 (1)

When King David was a boy, he took care of sheep. He probably knew a lot about being a shepherd. David wrote in Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need.”
A good shepherd loves his sheep and takes care of them. He makes sure that the sheep have everything they need to live and grow. Sometimes sheep do stupid things. They get caught in between rocks. Or some sheep wander away and are killed by wild animals. The shepherd must be careful to know where his sheep are at all times. He must also keep animals away from his sheep.
Sometimes we do stupid things, too. We pay attention to people in the world instead of paying attention to the Bible. Then the devil tempts us, and we sin. God loves us and takes care of us like a shepherd takes care of his sheep.
Remember today that God is your Shepherd, and He will take care of you.