Psalm 23 (3)

Today we will talk about the first part of Psalm 23:3. David wrote, “He restores my strength.”

Sometimes a sheep can become “cast down.” This means that the sheep is on its back and cannot stand up. A sheep may be cast down because it is sick or too fat or has too much wool. If a sheep is cast down, it needs to stand up soon. If a sheep cannot stand up, it will die. When a shepherd finds a cast down sheep, he will help the sheep stand up. Then he will rub the sheep’s legs so it can walk again. Soon the sheep is strong enough to walk and run.

We can become cast down, too. We may be depressed or discouraged or have a problem with sin. When this happens, God will help us work through our problems. His love and comfort will give us strength to continue serving Him.

Maybe you are cast down today. Let God encourage You through His Word. Then you can stand strong again.