Psalm 23 (4)

The second part of Psalm 23:3 says, “He leads me on right paths to show that he is good.”

For many years in the western United States, cattle ranchers and shepherds were enemies. Why? Because sheep can destroy grass. If sheep are left to graze in the same spot for a long time, they will eat all the grass and the roots, too. Then no grass will grow again in that place. So, a good shepherd moves his sheep from one place to another. But sheep don’t know where they should go. The shepherd must lead his sheep to a place filled with good grass.

Sometimes we can go the wrong way in life. Maybe our friends cause us to do bad things. Or maybe we doubt that God can take care of us. Then maybe God will lead us in a different way so we can become close to Him again. When we are on the right path to God, we will know that God is truly good.

Have you wandered away from God? Get on the path that brings you close to God and His Word.