Psalm 23 (6)

The second part of Psalm 23:4 says, “Your rod and staff comfort me.” Shepherds use two important tools — a rod and a staff. A shepherd uses a rod to discipline his sheep or as a weapon to fight off wild animals. Sometimes sheep can become stuck in holes in rocks. Then the shepherd uses his staff to lift the sheep from the hole. He also uses his staff to guide the sheep in the way he wants them to go.

Some people have compared a shepherd’s rod to the Bible. The Bible shows us when we are doing something wrong. In this way, the Bible disciplines us. The Bible also helps us fight off the devil. We can resist the devil when we remember God’s teaching in the Bible.

The shepherd’s staff can be compared to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in Christians. He guides us to do right things. The Holy Spirit also comforts us when we are sad and encourages us when we are discouraged.

Depend on the Bible and the Holy Spirit to help you be a strong Christian today.