Psalm 23 (8)

Psalm 23:6 says, “Goodness and mercy will be with me the rest of my life. And I will sit in the Lord’s temple for a long, long time.” David ends this psalm with an encouraging thought for all people who follow God.
Throughout this psalm, we have learned the wonderful things that a shepherd does for his sheep. He makes sure that his sheep have good grass to eat and clean water to drink. The shepherd protects his sheep from wild animals. And, he disciplines and leads his sheep on the right paths. The shepherd is good to his sheep. The sheep want to stay close to their shepherd. Why? Because they know they will be safe with the shepherd.
We have also learned about the wonderful things God, our Shepherd, does for us. He is always with us to protect us, to bless us with good things, to feed us through His Word and to discipline us. We should love God and want to be with Him all the time. Why? Because we know we are safe with our loving shepherd.
Let God be your Shepherd. Follow Him every day.