Psalm 23

For many people, Psalm 23 is their favorite psalm. Often young children memorize this psalm. I have heard it read many times at funerals.
My father was a farmer. When he was dying, my sister read this psalm to him. The words gave him comfort. He thought about the green pastures and calm pools of water that he had enjoyed during his life of farming. He also thought about God being with him, even as he was dying.
This psalm is very comforting. It also reminds us of other ways God blesses us: He gives us everything we need (verse 1). He gives us strength (verse 3a). He shows us His goodness (verse 3b). He helps us not be afraid (verse 4a). And He gives us goodness and mercy (verse 6).
Do you need comfort, strength, encouragement or mercy today? Read this psalm and think about all the things God does for you. Thank Him for being your Shepherd.