Psalm 23

The verses in our Bible Reading today always remind me that God is with me and that He will protect me.
When David wrote this psalm, he was sure that God would take care of his needs. In verse 1b, David said, “I will always have everything I need.” God is the only One who can provide for us every day.
God provides for us, and He also gives us peace. When I read verse 2, I can imagine a shepherd leading his sheep to a place where there is plenty of green grass to eat and clear water to drink. That makes me feel peaceful.
God’s help is always available — even when we are facing death. Verse 4 says, “Even if I walk through a valley as dark as the grave, I will not be afraid of any danger.” That verse makes me feel safe.
Finally, God gives us goodness, mercy and eternal life (verse 6). I praise God for the wonderful way He takes care of me!