Psalm 6

The writer of our Bible Reading today says that he is “sick and weak” (verse 2) and that his “eyes are worn out from crying” (verse 7).
In verses 1-7 of this psalm, the writer tells God all of his problems. He says that he fears God’s punishment and that his enemies have caused him a lot of sorrow. Then in verses 8-10, the writer tells us that God has heard his cries. “The Lord has heard my request for mercy. The Lord has accepted my prayer” (verse 9).
Maybe you have a problem with sin in your life. Share that problem with God and ask Him to help you stay away from that sin. God will give you the strength to resist the devil and his temptations.
Or maybe people are doing bad things to you because you follow God. Tell God about these things. Let God comfort you and encourage you. Be like the writer of Psalm 6 and turn to God for help and strength today.