Psalm 61

Psalm 61, the writer says, “I want to live in your tent forever.” The writer of this psalm was talking about the place where the Israelites worshiped God. This must have been a place where he felt safe and happy.
At first, the Israelites worshiped God in the tabernacle. This was a tent that could be moved from place to place. Inside the tabernacle were special furnishings of wood and gold. The Israelites used these things in their worship.
The Israelites worshiped in the tabernacle for many years. Then King Solomon built a magnificent temple. This was a permanent place where people could worship God. Many of the same furnishings that were in the tabernacle were in the temple, too.
Christians do not worship in a temple today. We can worship God in a church building, in our homes or even outside in nature. Wherever we worship, we should be like the writer of this psalm. We should love to worship God!