Psalm 63 (2)

In our Bible verses today, David talks about wanting to praise God and spend time praying to Him.
In verse 3, David says something very important about God’s love. “Your faithful love is better than life.” This makes David want to praise God even more.
David talks about praising God and praying in verse 4. He says, “I lift my hands in prayer.” In the Old Testament people often held their hands up when they prayed. This showed their willingness to receive God’s answer to their prayers.
In verse 5, David compares eating a meal with praising God. “When I sit down to satisfy my hunger, my joyful lips hunger to praise you!” If a person is hungry and eats a good meal, he feels satisfied. In the same way, when we praise God, we feel spiritually satisfied.
I hope that you will take time to pray to God today and praise Him. Then you will feel satisfied and joyful like David did.