Psalm 86

The note at the beginning of Psalm 86 says that this is a prayer of David. Many people love to read the psalms and prayers written by David. I think people like David’s writings because he was a very open and honest man.
There have been times in my life when I was so upset and overwhelmed that I did not know what to say to God. That’s when I have used some of David’s words to be my prayer.
Psalm 86 is a great psalm for us to pray. These verses show us that we should praise and worship God because He is good, merciful, amazing, kind, patient, loyal, and full of love. These verses also tell us that God will pay attention to us and answer our prayers when we are in trouble.
The next time you don’t know what to pray, turn to the book of Psalms. Find some verses that express your feelings for God and pray those words to Him. God will pay attention to your prayers and be kind to you.