Psalms Music (2)

Dancing was another way that the Israelites worshiped and praised God. Usually women danced while other people sang. Men would also dance, but men and women did not dance together.
Dancing was a way to show happiness and praise. The Israelites danced to thank God for His blessings and protection. Psalm 149:3 says, “Let those people praise God by dancing and playing their tambourines and harps.” (Tambourines and harps are musical instruments.) And Psalm 150:4a tells us to praise God “with tambourines and dancing!”
Verse 11 of our Bible Reading says, “I prayed and you helped me! You changed my crying into dancing.” It is wonderful that God is always with us, and that He knows when we are sad. When we think about all God has done for us, we can be happy even when we are facing bad things in our life.
Take time to think about how God has blessed your life.